Academic Brilliance is no Subsitute for poverty of Character

Academic brilliance sets a platform for success in means of job where as good character provides success in this world and hereafter. There is no justification or substitute for bad or poor character it is what defines a person and if the definition is wrong, no matter how good a student he cant be successful in some part of his life he may realize this.

When I was in school, I had many friends most of them were average in studies but they had good characters they never lied, cheated or got involved in vandalism, but we all had a friend in common who did all these things yet he was excellent in studies. Today that person has changed three jobs in one year just because people are unable to adjust whith him although he has a good academic background. The bottom line over here could be that academic brilliance is nothing you just have to be nice to the world so that it treats you the same way.

I will not blame the person for a poor character it is his parents who are to be blamed because most parents have a rule and that is we do not care what our children do as long as they are good at studies that is all that matters. I Feel pity for children who have these type of parents because in this case no one is aware as to what could happen. These parents are actually the ones responsible for spoiling the future of their children and not preparing them for the hereafter. Nobody likes people with poor character, what good is all the academic brilliance if there is no one to appreciate it in the end, what good would be all that success if there are no loved ones to share them with.

People with bad character should realize these things and learn from them, it is better late then never. The earlier they realize this, the earlier will they notice a positive change in their friends and loved ones.

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  1. From the errors of others, a wise man corrects his own….

    Publilius Syrus…

  2. annie says:

    Excellent topic.. and the best part is that there is no spelling mistake found :p jokes apart, very nice post, i warmly enjoyed reading it!!!! Do cum up with new posts..!!

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