Why did Australia lose to Pakistan and India who is a better team Pakistan or India?

Australia was knocked out of the tournament yesterday by a brilliant piece of batting performance from the Indians. Indians are the number one contender for the world cup but let us not forget, it was Pakistan who ended the winning streak of the Aussies. Now the question arises what lacked in the Aussies and why did they lose to Pakistan and India? The explanation could be somewhat like this. The Aussies lacked in there spin attack where as the Asia teams such as Pakistan, India, Sri-lanka and you can even add Bangladesh to this list rely more on spin which on these pitches are a better option. The reason why the Aussies were wiped out was because of no specialist spinner in there squad. Therefore, it could never have been the Australians this time. Now the question arises which of the two major favorites of the tournament would reach the final.

If we look at the history, Pakistan has a bad record with India when playing in the world cup. India has a 4-0 record over Pakistan so it is hard to say that Pakistan would win this time. The major factor, which would come into play, would be the handling of the pressure. Now if the question is could a side with more youngsters or the side with more experience handle the pressure in a better way, I would personally go with the experience and India surely has experience. India has a strong batting line up when compared with Pakistan but then again Pakistan has an advantage when it comes to bowling so it would be a tough fight for the two if they keep there nerves, other wise the body language would certainly show as to which team is feeling the pressure.

For Pakistan the key wickets would be Sachin, Ghambir and Yuvraj if they could get these men quickly I think they have a fair chance of winning. Because if anyone of them gets going it would be curtains for Pakistan. If Yuvraj stays, it could be a repeat telecast of the New Zealand, Pakistan match, where Ross Taylor got the hold of every ball.

In order to win India must handle the pace from Gul and later on the spin attack from Pakistan which would include Afridi, Ajmal or Rehman.

There is not much that could be said but I hope it would be a great game for everyone to watch and May the best team win but my votes are with Pakistan, if it comes to them they can change the history, so good luckĀ  green.

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  1. Ann says:

    IND has never lost to PAK in world cups and PAK has never lost to IND at Mohali..!!
    A positive sign..

  2. BC3jZDh says:

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