The first thing, which is important over here, is that all the matches that Pakistan won was because of  batting first and they never faced the pressure of chasing when batting second. Let us face it we were never good chasers but that does not mean that we cannot chase. This is actually a wakeup call for the Pakistani team, I am still confident that they would do well, they have already qualified for the quarterfinals and this match, really has given them a chance to strengthen there weaknesses. Most of the people who don’t know much might say we are really sad that Pakistan lost, but I would say I am really glad that Pakistan lost now rather than in the quarterfinals where there would be a knock out system you lose one your out.
Now let us get on with what actually went wrong. The Pakistani team was planning to bat first again after winning the toss, if that would have happened then again the team wouldn’t have realized there weak points. The team should understand that there is always a fifty percent chance of winning the toss unless the coin is a biased one. The spirit where down from the beginning the body language said it all the fielding was poor, wides and no balls were just the beginning Kamran Akmal contributed by dropping 3 catches, maybe it was the pressure of bowling first or maybe it was something else. I do not know about others. However, in my opinion one might get confused or might feel lost when some thing like this happens.

6.6    “Shoaib Akhtar to Guptill, 4 runs, dear me, it was the one that comes in from off stump and Guptill awkwarly pushed it back to Shoaib who fired in a throw that was meant for Kamran, but it went right over the keeper’s head for four”

Source: http://www.espncricinfo.com

After this Shoaib was not at all happy with Kamran Akmal and he blamed him for this where as he should understand that Kamran Akmal is not a very tall person. Most of the people would say, so what it happens everywhere but the thing here was that Shoaib Akhtar is a far more senior player than Kamran Akmal and if a senior player blames a much junior player for something that was unavoidable this is what you get afterwards.

13.2   “Shoaib Akhtar to Taylor, FOUR, Ross gets a birthday gift, it’s the Kamran moment, Shoaib got the edge with a perfect delivery that zipped away just a shade, the ball flew between younis and Kamran, who initially appeared to go for it, and then did the keeper’s version of shouldering arms, stood stone still, as a bemused Younis looked on”

Source: http://www.espncricinfo.com

13.4    “Shoaib Akhtar to Taylor, no run, oh I don’t believe this, two birthday gifts is too much, from the same man too, Shoaib has Ross pushing at a one that held its line,and the healthy edge goes ever so slowly to Kamran who is in good position to take it, gets gloves on it, and clangs it, Shoaib can’t do anything about it, boy is he distraught”

Source: http://www.espncricinfo.com

30.4    “Shahid Afridi to Styris, 1 run, another drop from Kamran, outside off, Styris looks to stab it from the crease, edged and Kamran’s horror day continues, Afridi is not amused “

Source: http://www.espncricinfo.com

Now lets move on to other things, which were wrong. The one bowler that the Kiwi’s most feared was Umar Gul lets face it he is the best bowler for Pakistan when it comes to the depth overs. Why was not his overs saved for the end it was rather a mind game from the Kiwis as they took the power play right when they knew that Umar Gul’s overs were about to end. This leads us to only one conclusion that the shuffling of the bowling was not right, why did Shahid Afridi give the new ball to Abdur Rehman. After the match was over this is what I was able to find out. Shahid Afridi discussed this strategy with Wasim Akram and Wasim Akram told him “It is a great move you are thinking out of the box”. But once Pakistan started to bowl they got there first break through so why did Shahid Afridi still stick to this, when he saw that the new ball was moving he should have given it to Razzaq so that he could have utilized him. Razzaq is medium pacer with an average of 125kps who can move the new ball quite well and is difficult to hit only with the new ball. Even Wasim Akram said that I do not know why he went on with that plan when he had already gotten a wicket and he saw that the new ball was moving.

The other thing that I saw that there was no discussion between the team members on the field. If Afridi did not see that he could have utilized the new ball in a better way some one else should have told him that, but I do not know maybe they have discussed it all in the dressing room and everything is preplanned. Again, in big games such as this, everything needs a go through; there and then, nothing can be preplanned. This is what Imran Khan said, “Planning needs to be done for every ball and after every wicket”.

Now let us talk about the batting there is not much to say really, our opening has failed yet again. One might debate that Imran Nazir was better but let us just work with what we have right now. I would agree with Imran Khan he said, “That Kamran Akmal should open as he has experience with it and Pakistan should cut down on a batsman and add an extra bowler to the lineup so that they have more choices and an attacking approach“I don’t thing I need to add anything to that it is a genuine plan.

I could only say that it is good that Pakistan lost to New Zealand it has given them a chance to look into there mistakes and over come them. Its better late than never.

In the end, I would like to congratulate my team for reaching the quarter finals hope they do well and bring the cup to Pakistan INSHALLAH.

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8 Responses to “WHY DID PAKISTAN LOSE?”

  1. Ann says:

    Afridi in a press conference: I am eyeing a semi final place for my team despite what had happened against New Zealand..!!

    Great spirit..!!

  2. Ann says:

    Afridi in a press conference:I am eyeing a semi final place for my team despite what had happened against New Zealand..!!

    Great Spirit..!!

  3. Mobi says:

    hmmm goood reason …. yar ya captcha varification khtama kar..

  4. Ann says:

    eeeeeee.. i hate captha.. A big hurdle in commenting :p

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    Actually the thing is that if i remove the captcha it would encourage spamming and that is what i don’t want..!

  6. Ann says:

    make your readers comfortable :p

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