A strange thing happened at about 3:20 today when I sat on my computer to check my Gmail account. The strange thing was that when I typed www.gmail.com into the URL bar, it actually directed me to the Facebook page, strange isn’t it I couldn’t believe It I tried again and again, all I got was the same result.

It does not end here it just clicked me to check the other sites they were all working fine Yahoo, Youtube, Hotmail etc. then I tried Google and you wont believe it redirected me to Facebook. I got strange thoughts going through my head has Facebook acquired Google but no this cannot be possible. It just did not seem right something was wrong and then it struck me to use my cousin’s network just to check whether this was the case everywhere. When I typed www.google.com in his URL bar, it was working fine. I came back and checked my network; it was the same case as before it redirected me to the Facebook page. I called my network administrator and he told me there was a problem at his end, which would take 2 hours to fix.

Laugh out loud I had you people scared too, didn’t I.

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  1. Annie says:

    yeah, you did.!!

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