Tekken 6- A revolution in the series

As you, all know that this game has been around for quite a few while now it started in 1994 in arcades and later, introduced on the Playstation in 1995. The game received a huge success and became one of the biggest hits of its time.

That was the history of the game but right now, we are taking about Tekken 6 the new installment in the series, which is available on PS3 and Xbox. The game has evolved over a period. With advance fighting techniques different game modes and of course, additional characters this game beats all before it. The thing that I like about this game is that you can actually see how much you know about the game by challenging people online. Believe me people this is actually an addiction, I went all playing this game for like 8 hours straight.

Now let us talk about the campaign mode in Tekken 6. Well to start of I would give you people a hint in case you do not know it already. Well here, goes you should pick a character that best suits you if you ask me Kazuya is the best choice for you whether you like it or not the guy is perfect for the job especially his one move called the spinning kick well that’s what I call it.

Hmm well, some of you might find yourself stuck in the stage called the “Nightmare Train” the trick is to try again and once you get Alisa’s upgrade for health the second time the stage becomes a lot more easier.

Well over all the story line is great it is actually concerned with the new character in the story line called Lars who is actually the son of Hihachi Mishima and brother of Kazuya over all the Tekken 6 is a must buy edition for your Tekken collection.

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